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Thank you to all of our customers who made the 2018/19 season a huge success! See you next season!

Our skilled staff are trained to perform any snow plowing challenge. It is our mission to provide superior snow removal service at an affordable price to both residential and commercial clients. We strive for customer service, and always leave our customers with a smile. We are a family owned and operated business from time to time we may bring our children along in the truck as we teach them about hard work and work ethic, we take pride in our work. There is no job that we are not willing to do in our capabilities, and we always use safety first when on the job site.

“We are committed to Christ more then making a buck!” 


We offer many DISCOUNTS here is just a sample.

First Responders

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Thank you an God Bless!

(Vet/Military Discounts are extended to widows)

Senior Citizen Discounts

Single Pregnant Mother Discounts

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How did SnowBusters come to be?

Before I started Snow Busters my grandmother was out side shoveling her drive behind her car to the street about 12 feet. When a plow guy pulled up an said he would do that for $40. I am not sure why he wanted $40 to plow 12 feet maybe he has huge payments on his truck and plow or maybe he saw a old lady and thought she had nothing better to do then to pay his cable bill either way that story still sickens me to this day. Rest assured my grandma pays nothing for snow plowing today!


Here is another Tragic story….

 A  22 year old pregnant woman  died from shoving her drive she
almost made it to the end of the drive when she collapsed.

I don’t understand the
greed I wonder how many neighbors looked out the window to see her and
did nothing to help, Or how many plow trucks drove past with out a

So after hearing my grandmas story an seeing a news report about the pregnant woman I was fed up an wanted to do something about it. But what can I do? Snow plow guys do lawns in the summer an I own a sign shop / marketing service. Well hmm ok no lawns just snow an what will I name such a venture? I go to my children for help on the name 50 name ideas later SNOWBUSTERS was born.

SnowBusters has taken N.E. Ohio by storm an has been a huge hit! with every one from school children to seniors. Then enter the “Copy cats” My mother always said when people copy you it means your doing it right!

SnowBusters customer retention is a

unheard of 96%+

That means is 96% of customers sign back up

year after year!

An we LOVE and THANK them FOR THAT!


Our drivers are NOT TO PASS ANY SENIOR Citizen or Pregnant woman shoving they are to stop and do it for them at no charge! Life is too short, SnowBusters can’t change the world but we sure would like to help any and all that we can from the dangers of snow plowing.

So what do Doctors have to say about snow shoveling?

Doctors say slips and falls are the most common injuries caused by snow and ice, but heart dangers can create the largest health hazard to come with a snowfall.

“The risk of heart attack is increased by the combination of heavy, upper body exertion and cold weather encountered while shoveling snow,” said Dr. William Abraham, director of the division of cardiovascular medicine at Ohio State University. “People, especially those at risk for coronary heart disease, should avoid heavy exertion in cold weather conditions.”

That’s because people can be unaware of their own heart blockages, and even an insignificant heart condition can suddenly become significant in certain weather, said Dr. Randy Zusman, director of the hypertension program at the Massachusetts General Hospital Heart Center.

Source: ABC NEWS. See whole article and Video report here

So in short if you are looking for a honest and dependable company to plow your business or home with out breaking the bank Call us today!

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Or if you are Interested in owning a “SNOWBUSTERS” Route? Call us! Min. Investment required. Must own a Plow Truck. Other restrictions may apply call for more details.