Free Plowing for Seniors program


This year our “Free Plowing for senior citizens” program has been passed on to Local Police an Fire.

Who better to over look this program, In years past once word got out we provide Emergency snow plowing to seniors who can not afford to pay. The phones rang off the hook every one wanted in on the deal our drivers were pulling up to $300,000 homes with 100 foot long drives an a lil ol lady waiving at the door. The program is meant for seniors who CAN NOT AFFORD SNOW PLOWING an are living on a limited budget, Not for people in Micro Mansions!


So to keep the program alive it has gone into hiding so to speak. We have met with local Police and Fire.

That Patrol an protect in SnowBusters Service area. And given them the “secret cards” that allow the card holder to call for Free emergency snow plowing.

The cards have a UNLISTED dedicated phone number to call an will be issued to Senior Citizens who are in TRUE need of such service.

PLEASE NOTE: Only select areas of the city mainly Ellet an Good Year Heights. as they are inside of the SnowBusters Service Area.

You CAN NOT call the police or Fire Dept. an ask for a card, Only officers who have them can issue them as they are on patrol in our service area, The dispatcher will not know what you are talking about, Nor will they even know what officers have such cards. We have set this up so that no one can cheat the system anymore. If the police or Fire come out to your home an see your elderly an dont have anyone to shovel your walk and or drive they may issue you a card for free snow plowing.

Funding for this program will come from…


Akron area sign shop an marketing firm Green Image Marketing

Akron’s ONLY Internet radio station WCPR Radio


Do you own a snow plowing company? Want to help with the program?

SnowBusters, is looking for other contractors who are interested in being part of this program.

We are trying to help protect our senior citizens from the dangers of snow shoveling an slips an falls.

If you would like to be notified of seniors in need in your area an help us expand this program to other areas of the city, county an into other cities. Please Contact The owner of SnowBusters by calling

(234) 206 – 7569 right now!


Nominate a Senior for Free snow Plowing.


This is to win Free Snow Plowing for the 2017 / 2018 season! Click here for details


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  1. I thought about not doing this but I have to try. My husband, has had so many health challenges . He worked so hard to provide for our family. He retired from his job after major spinal surgery that had him off for almost 2 years. His story is so detailed I wish it weren’t true. He now goes for dialysis 3 days a week. He leaves before 6 a.m. He also has a life threatening blood disorder that requires blood transfusions . When I lost my job earlier this year we made a lot of plans to accommodate his schedule . Things have not worked out and my biggest fear is that we would not be able to get out for his appointments . Please consider him. Thank you.

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