FREE! Snow Removal for our TROOPS!

snow busters logo gifFree Snow Plowing for our TROOPS from SnowBusters Snow Busters is a partner with Project evergreen Snow Care for Troops

SnowBusters Joins the Ranks of SnowCare for Troops Volunteers
We are proud to announce that SnowBusters has recently become a volunteer for Project
EverGreen’s SnowCare for Troops, an award-winning national program that provides free snow and ice
removal services to families of currently deployed military personnel.
During the brutal winter season that seems to last for far too long, keeping driveways and sidewalks free
from snow and ice is a necessity to keep us safe and able to leave our homes.
However, not all families, including countless military families, are able to keep their driveways and
sidewalks free from snow because they cannot find the time to shovel and bring out the snow blower.
As a SnowCare for Troops volunteer, SnowBusters wants to give the gift of safety to military
families when they are most in need of a snowplow that can keep their driveways clean and accessible.
Giving back to military families that sacrifice so much for our country is a selfless service. The dedication
military personnel have for our country is inspiring us to work one driveway at a time to make a
difference in their lives.
SnowCare for Troops was started in 2010 by Project EverGreen and since its inception, more than 5,000
military families and more than 1,500 snow removal contractors have registered to receive or provide
these much needed services. By volunteering for this initiative, SnowBusters is joining
volunteers across the country to provide this valuable service.
If you or someone you know is interested in volunteering or is eligible to receive services, visit the
SnowCare for Troops page on Project EverGreen’s website to register and learn more.


To volunteer to provide free service or To apply for free service click here


PLEASE NOTE you must apply an be approved by Project EverGreen They will assign you to a Service provider that serves your area. It could be us (SnowBusters) or it could be another volunteer.

Please DO NOT CALL SnowBusters in regards to this program, Our dispatchers can not help. You have to Sign up thru Project evergreen.