We have logged over 1,600 calls for service, The high call volume has crashed our phone system 3 or 4 times already. If you called an got no answer we are sorry. If you used the quote request form an got no answer it is likely because your not in our service area.


So we have seen so many cars spun out, Police scanners are informing us of many wrecks an spin outs etc.

The only thing bad for us was one of the plows froze an would not angle (left to right) but Thanks to the hard work an braving the cold. It is back in service.


SUNDAY we will service our route one last time about 4 am as the snow is expected to stop then, Once we finish all routes. The guys are going home to catch a nap an brace for the flood of calls that will come to dig people out who don’t have a contract. If this is you expect to pay PREMIUM rates, as the snow will be a foot deep or better…. Snow Plowing is like sending your truck to war! So the deeper the snow the higher the price. This is INDUSTRY STANDARD so no matter who you call the price is going to be more then if it were 2″-4″


Well Thats all for now, Thanks for reading this post.