SnowBusters Weather center.

SnowBusters 24 hour dispatch center monitors over 10 "LIVE" radar maps, PLUS ALL local TV weather, The Weather Channel as well as National weather service broadcasts (Akron, KDO94, 162.400 mhz. weather radio) In fact ALL of our trucks our outfitted with weather radios so the drivers can stay up to the min. with the storm.

In all SnowBusters monitors over 20 weather sources! Not including a network of LOCAL weather stations from Weather Underground an other sources. SnowBusters monitors all POLICE - FIRE - ODOT - Muni-Street dept. to help direct our plows around traffic jams, wrecks, an dangerous roads/intersections. Our dispatchers also monitor city bus an taxi radio traffic, because each cab/bus driver is a current conditions "reporter"  So you see, we are ALWAYS ON TOP OF THE STORM! 

An if that is not enough SnowBusters monitors webcams from our dispatch center. Not Just the ODOT cameras!

We have access to traffic cameras - business parking lot cameras - Home owner cameras (outside only)

We beat out our competitors at every turn!

You wont find a more honest an  dependable plow company then SnowBusters!

Below are just some of the data we watch/services we use.

We can't share all our secrets, as we know the "Other Plow Guys" are watching lol


Summit County Ohio Current weather.

  Weather Underground PWS KOHAKRON64  

Weather Underground PWS KOHTALLM6

Portage County Ohio Current weather.

    Weather Underground PWS KOHRAVEN40 Weather Underground PWS KOHKENT1           (Please Note, It is always Snowing on our site. So you will see snow fall. Look to see if the snow falls off the bottom of the map if so that is NOT Weather radar just a Great website EFFECT.)